August 5 to September 12, 2004
Arkad Foundation Gallery, Seravezza (LU)


The marble working production chain produces a variety of interesting scrap materials that can be used for the creation of works of art. The peculiar sizes, shapes, and production methods give these materials personality, that makes them unique and suggests further artistic development.

Ten artists of various ages, nationality (Italian, French, Swedish, and Chinese) and discipline (painters, sculptors, and architects) created works of art made with scrap material together with Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux.

Participating artists 
Giovanna Ambrogi (Italy), Nicolas Bertoux ( France), Emanuela Camacci (Italy), Silvano Cattai (Italy), Sergio Cervietti (Italy), Sylvestre Gauvrit (France), Andrea Gerali (Italy), Franco Martera (Italy), Cynthia Sah (China), Pal Svensson (Sweden).

Created by:

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