This workshop was organized during the summer of 2016 for a select group of artists who experimented with the use of the latest technology in marble processing. Seven artists, designers, and architects worked in the sculpture studios in Pietrasanta, Carrara and La Spezia. The main idea was to create works of art by using exclusively robot, 3D modeling, and diamond wire. Robots become a tool for expression in the hands of an artist, in the same way traditional tools are. However, by using only a robot, it is possible to see imperfections and traces left by machinery on the marble surface, which in this case, become expressions of creativity itself.

Participants: artists: Nicolas Bertoux, Sylvestre Gauvrit, Polo Bourieau professor: Raffaello Galiotto, architect: Michel Boucquillon designer: Filippo Protasoni e Moreno Ratti

Sponsors of the project: Marble Studio Stagetti, Studio Corsanini, La Fenice Marmi, Logic Art, Pemart Srl, Marmi Rolla & Marchini, Aldo Pesetti e Studio ARTCO in collaboration with the robotics companies QDesign - The Robotics Solution, T&D Robotics e Roboticom.

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