Third edition:
April 23 – May 29, 2005
Arkad Foundation Gallery, Seravezza (LU)

Enoliarte 2005, the third edition of the event, developed an art project over three principles dedicated to food and nature: Products, Materials, and Colors.
Forty-six Italian and international artists created 2- and 3-Dimensional installations in large format that made the ARKAD Foundation Gallery's display areas surprising, playful, and interactive.

Collateral events
Concerts Sunday, April 24, the exhibition was accompanied by a performance of international blues and jazz musicians who performed in the square in front of the Artco laboratory.
Saturday, May 14, Maestro Corrado Bennet gave a piano concert that accompanied the dancing of ballerina Silvia Bennet to the delight of those attending the theme dinner.

Theme Dinner
Enoliarte 2005 demonstrated its unique and original spirit by staging an artistic theme dinner with all the participating artists, representatives from the various territorial authorities, and numerous figures from the world of art.
For the occasion, the artists created dishes in original shapes and extravagant colors worthy of the term works of culinary art.

Sponsored by: Arkad Foundation, the Province of Lucca, the Chamber of Commerce of Lucca, the Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca Foundation, the Apuan Alps Park, the Upper Versilia Mountain Community Association, the Banca di Credito Cooperativo della Versilia e della Lunigiana, and Ideal Congress.

Participating artists: Ana Maria Alonso, Giovanna Ambrogi, Miguel Ausili, Raquel Aversano, Robìn Bell, Nicolas Bertoux, Elena Bianchini, Isa Bourland, Emanuela CAmacci, Valentino Cancogni, Laura Canova, Silvano Cattai, Elisa Corsini, Giacomo Costa, Cristiana Cravanzola, Frèdèric Danne, Marianna De Leoni, Rosa Del Canto, Nicolay Dragomirov, Louise Dumas, Andrea Federighi, Maria Gamundi, Sylvestre Gauvrit, Giuseppe Gavazza, Michel Herzèle, Alexandre Leroy, Christine Madies, Franco Martera, Alfreda Mastromei, Sergio Mazzanti, Silvia Mazzei, Giorgia OLM, Sandy Oppenheimer, Roberto Palma, Michele Pardini, Johannes Pfeiffer, Gigliola Presice, Raffaella Robustelli, Cinzia Rossi-Ghion, Claudio Rovagna, Cynthia Sah, Silvina Spravkin, Gianfranco Stacchi, Renèe Swire, Carmen Tornaboni, Anne-Claire van den Elshout.

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